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A frequent visitor to the parks as a child, Ashley rekindled her love for Disney after realizing that it had, in part, sparked the curiosity and determination that led her to travel the world, and to embark on her own adventure of story-telling through a career in publishing. She now enjoys experiencing the parks with a childlike enthusiasm, while appreciating the company's creative business strategies that inspire her own working style. She currently lives in New York City with her beloved husband, and cherished dog, Hojo.

A Free Upgrade and Late Check-out at a Disney World Hotel: What Worked for Us

The night before leaving for our most recent Disney trip, my excitement was creeping in, just as it had done on countless trips before. Looking for a task to distract me from the anticipation, I sat and mentally prepared for our trip, carefully reviewing our packing list, ensuring that I hadn’t overlooked any vacation essentials. My […]

Are Disney Deluxe Hotels Worth the Price?: A Vacationer’s Perspective

During the last four years and seven trips to the Walt Disney World Resort, my husband and I have often found ourselves mulling over a question that seems to be common among Disney vacationers: Is staying at a deluxe resort worth it? Between all of our trips, we have loved to spend time at the […]

6 Tips to Battle the Post-Disney Blues

Let’s face it, Disney fans are a group that knows the pain of PDB, or post-Disney (vacation) blues, all too well. For some, PDB (also known as PDD: post-Disney depression) comes in the form of powerful nostalgia, gratefulness for having uninterrupted time with family, and missing the precious days away from our jobs. For others (and I, for […]