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Judge Rejects Disney, Fox, and Paramount’s Motion to Dismiss Copyright Claims in Stolen Tech Lawsuit

While initially approving the dismissal of copyright violation charges leveled against Disney, Fox, and Paramount, a federal judge has now ruled in favor of amended complaints by VFX firm Rearden LLC, and he used comparisons with Google and Napster to make his decision. This ongoing case centers around stolen motion capture technology that has been […]

‘Incredibles 2’ Brings in $180 Million, Smashes Box Office Records

UPDATE: The Walt Disney Company just confirmed that the final box office number for Incredibles 2 was $182.7 million in its opening weekend. As was projected after Thursday’s record-setting $18.5 million preview numbers and Friday’s $71.5 million opening day total, Disney·Pixar’s Incredibles 2 has hit the $180 million mark for its opening weekend. The superheroic sequel’s […]

Record-Breaking Debut Sets ‘Incredibles 2’ Up for Possible $180 Million Opening Weekend

Disney·Pixar’s sequel about everyone’s favorite suburban superheroes is now predicted by industry insiders to reach upwards of $180 million in opening weekend box office ticket sales. Incredibles 2 brought in record-breaking preview numbers on Thursday to the total of $18.5 million; combined with Friday’s opening day numbers, the film has grossed $71.5 million. Disney’s projections put […]

Theaters to Warn ‘Incredibles 2’ Audiences of Strobe Light Risks

Due to a string of Twitter references to the strong presence of rapidly flashing strobe lights throughout Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2, Disney has asked theaters to issue a warning before the film begins. The credit for the notification’s addition goes primarily to blogger Veronica Lewis (@Veron4ica), whose Twitter thread and blog post went viral. In the thread […]

Fox Board to Consider Comcast Offer During Wednesday Meeting

21st Century Fox board members will discuss the recent $65 billion Comcast bid for their assets at a regularly scheduled meeting next week, according to Bloomberg sources. Comcast put forth the bid on June 13th, one day after a federal judge approved AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner. Fox owner Rupert Murdoch had chosen the $52.4 […]

The Distinctive Design of “it’s a small world” – A DIS Attraction Review

In an effort to establish trust with anyone who may be reading this review, I need to make my motivations clear. I want to hate “it’s a small world.” I want to passionately rage against everything it represents. All of the quaint, cutesy, doll-like animatronics, the stereotypical representations of cultures from around the world, and […]

New Daytime Show Effects and Epic Battles in This Week’s Disney Patents

A certain amount of speculation can be involved when determining the in-park applications of new technology from Disney Enterprises Inc., but two patent applications published today are very clear-cut in their use. Disney is seeking patents for new daytime show systems that involve set changes and effects as well as muzzle flashes for battle simulations; […]

Comcast Makes $65 Billion Bid for Fox to Undermine Disney Deal

As was expected, given yesterday’s approval by a federal judge of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, Comcast has just placed a $65 billion all-cash bid on 21st Century Fox assets, approximately 19% higher than The Walt Disney Company’s current $52 billion deal with the company. Prior to the December 2017 joint announcement by Disney and […]

Booking for Epcot Food & Wine Festival Signature Dining Events Starts June 14th

Starting on tomorrow, guests will have the opportunity to reserve their spots at one of the nine signature dining events announced for this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. The event runs from August 30th through November 12th, and Disney has released a sneak peek of what unique culinary experiences 2018’s festival will have to […]