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Mike vacations at Walt Disney World at least once a year. He's an avid musical area loop enthusiast and always looks forward to enjoying new attractions, merchandise, tours, and entertainment with his wife. You can find him hiding out on the Tomorrow's horizons are here, today.

Trail’s End Restaurant at Ft. Wilderness Lunch Review

During our stay at Ft. Wilderness, we had gone to the take out area at Trail’s End Restaurant for a “Lone Rider” fried chicken 2-piece with fries (which were really good and crispy) and mac & cheese all for $9.99, which was a really good value. We walked back to our site, sat down, and […]

Go Out of Your Way For This Entrée at Walt Disney World

The wife and I try to sample new things whenever we come back to Walt Disney World. I understand that sometimes a pizza just sounds good when you’re hungry, tired, and ready to trek back to your room and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (if you want to spend two dining credits on it, […]

Perform a Random Act of Kindness at Disney and Feel Better

There are many ways to experience a vacation and one thing that often goes overlooked is a random act of kindness. This underground phenomenon has been happening well before the movie, “Pay It Forward” ever graced the screen, but the advancement of the awareness is promising. What is a “RAK” and how can you do […]

Compare a Disney Trip to Sporting Events and Feel Better

I know it’s been said many times, in very different ways, but you’re going to spend a lot of money on a Disney vacation. Your friends and family members are quick to judge and have preconceived notions that you must be putting a second mortgage on your house to pay for all of it… You […]

A Few Problems Adults Have at Walt Disney World

1) Feeling ashamed when in line at character meet and greets. Ultimately, when you think about it, if you’re in line with children behind you, you’re taking away the potential time from them that they could have met their favorite princess or character sooner if you weren’t there and then you start feeling ashamed. It’s […]

A Few Activities Guests Usually Skip During Their First Trip to WDW

Walt Disney World is a huge place and even the veterans have many things they haven’t yet experienced. Many think about the parks and just want to visit every attraction (and that’s fine), but they’re missing out. Here are a few activities that new guests might not know about or want to do until they consider […]