Top 6 Must Do's When You Take A Cruise



By Kathy Werling

The country seems to be caught in winter weather early this year. If you have decided to escape to warmer climates or are dreaming about taking a Disney or Royal Caribbean cruise there are at least 6 must do's for your trip. These must do's will work for every cruise. I have already talked about how to have a smoother trip through the airport. So let's talk about what you need to do on your cruise.


#6 - Know where your documents are
Check with your cruise line to find out the requirements for your cruise.  You don't want to be surprised at the port and be turned away because you don't have the proper documents. Get in the habit of putting all your important papers together where you will remember where they are. Don't pack them away in your luggage. Don't forget them at home.  It's also a good idea to make a copy of the passports or driver's licenses and then keep the originals in your room safe and the copies somewhere else.  In the event of any emergency, at least you will have a copy of your documents. 


#5 - If at all possible, plan to fly into the airport closest to your cruise terminal the day before
That way you can arrive stress free at your cruise ship instead of missing the boat.  In the winter with snow storms and ice, flights can be delayed or cancelled. If you aren't familiar with the area I suggest taking the cruise line transfers to the port. They will help you along the way and get you on the boat quickly instead of wondering where do you park, taking a wrong turn, etc. When you are finally on your trip you want to avoid stress if it is possible.
#4 - Be onboard before the "all aboard" time
Check with your cruise line to see if you can do online check in before you arrive at the port. This can save you time. With Disney when you check in online you can select a port arrival time. Some people like to start their vacation early by spending some time in the cruise terminal. Generally if you wait an hour or so after boarding starts you will be able to walk right on the boat. Just remember you will need to keep your carry ons with you until your room is open. Don't carry so much stuff onboard that you are miserable lugging it around.
#3 Attend the muster drill 
It is very important to know where your muster station is once you are in your room.  There is usually a sign in your room and there will be signs in the hallway directing you to your muster station.  The muster drill is very important. You will know where to go in the event of an emergency.  Once you get to the muster station be sure to listen to all instructions and wait to be dismissed back to your room. These locations are all over the ship, you could be waiting outside during the drill or inside in the theater or restaurant. Most ships don't require that you wear your life jacket to the drill but you should make sure you do have them in your room for everyone.


#2- Read the Navigator they put in your room daily 
You might want to bring some highlighters to mark off the activities you would like to participate in.  There are plenty of activities for adults, kids, families, singles. You can do as much as you want or just relax and enjoy the cruise.



#1 - RELAX! 
It's your vacation.  Relax and enjoy it. Now is a great time to put away the cell phones and computers. The vacation will fly by and you will be back to work before you know it so take some time to enjoy the cruise and family. Be prepared to be rocked gently to sleep at night and wake up to beautiful sunrises. You might want to keep a journal of all the things you did on your cruise. On those cold snowy winter days you can look back on your pictures and remember the great time you had when you disconnected from the world around you.


See you on the ship!