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Journey into a lush and tropical land where you can join Indiana Jones™ on a thrilling adventure, take a riverboat ride through jungle waters, climb through Tarzan's Treehouse or be entertained by some crazy singing birds. Adventures await as you explore this intriguing land.

Adventureland Attractions

Enchanted Tiki Room
(Opened: June 23, 1963)

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  Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

The "Enchanted Tiki Room," sponsored by Dole Pineapple, takes you inside the exotic world of the South Seas. This sit-down attraction features Disney's first audio-Animatronic performers. Join in the fun as the cast of 225 birds, flowers, and tiki poles spring to life in this wisecracking fantasy musical symphony. There's a sudden tropical storm, but no umbrella is necessary as it's all part of this vintage experience. The pre-show begins outside approximately five minutes before the main performance. Shows are presented every 20 minutes on the hour.

Restrictions: Accessible to collapsible strollers only. Wheelchair/ECV accessible. Assisted Listening device available at City Hall.

Enchanted Tiki Room photo

Indiana Jones Adventure, Temple of the Forbidden Eye
(Opened: March 3, 1995)
FastPass Attraction

Following in Indiana Jones' footsteps, you make your way through the jungles of Adventureland in search of the legendary Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Here you'll find the curse of "Mara", gaze upon her eye and a terrible fate awaits you. When you climb aboard your jungle transport, you're in for an unforgettable ride. You'll cross a rickety bridge, pass pools of flaming lava, and dodge a huge tumbling boulder as Indy helps you try to escape. The queue for this ride takes you through Indy's camp, with incredible details that are worth the wait. The truck is the actual one used in the scene where Indy is dragged underneath during a high-speed pursuit. Each of the 16 twelve passenger troop transport ride vehicles has its own control and audio systems. There are more than 160,000 possible ride combinations, making each adventure unique.

Restrictions: 46-inch minimum height. Wheelchair/ECV must transfer. Closed Caption equipment available for selected portions of this ride at City Hall. For safety and comfort, you should be in good health and free from heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.
Indiana Jones Adventure, Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Jungle Cruise

(Opened on July 17, 1955, Expanded in 1962, Additions came in the spring of 1993 The new boathouse queue opened June 26, 1994.)

Enter a colonial outpost in a remote section of the jungle, where cut-rate guides now haul cargo and tourists up river on a Jungle Cruise they won't soon forget. Float through the rain forests of the Amazon and the hippopotamus-filled waters of the Congo. The skipper takes you on a laugh filled expedition with an endless barrage of corny jokes that poke fun at the "not so dangerous" jungle. The boats themselves are based on those found in the Humphrey Bogart film "The African Queen." This ride is especially fun at night.

Restrictions: Wheelchair/ECV must transfer

Jungle Cruise

Tarzan's Treehouse
(Opened: June 23, 1999)
This attraction was formerly the home of the Robinson family from the motion picture "Swiss Family Robinson" (attraction open November 18, 1962 - March 9, 1999).

A walk-through treetop home, where you experience the legend of Tarzan and meet the characters from Disney's animated film. The "climb-through" attraction unfolds in a 80-foot-tall tree that overlooks the Jungle Cruise attraction and Adventureland. As you climb higher, you discover secrets of Tarzan's past, his life with Jane, their animal friends and scientific experiments. You are free to try your hand at various devices such as musical pots and pans or the "Tarzan Yella-phone." The Tree house is 80 feet tall with branches that extend up to 40 feet long. The tree has over 300,000 artificial leaves and 50,000 blooms.

Restrictions: Guests will need to negotiate a continuous set of stairs.

Tarzan Treehouse photo

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Adventureland Stores

  • Adventureland Bazaar - Souvenirs from Aladdin and Lion King, as well as an assortment of plush animals and clothing.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost - Official Indiana Jones merchandise
  • South Seas Trader - Hawaiian shirts, tropical clothing, sunscreen

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Character Greeting Spots
Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis. Check Daily Schedule for times and don't forget your autograph book! Aladdin and Jasmine at Aladdin's Oasis