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Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Celebration Pictures

Thanks Mary Jo Willey for taking these pictures!
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11450IMG_80021 11450IMG_80031 11450IMG_80221 11450IMG_80251
11450IMG_8029 11450IMG_8030 11450IMG_8033 11450IMG_80351
11450IMG_8036 11450IMG_8037 11450IMG_8038 11450IMG_80521
11450IMG_80531 11450IMG_80532 11450IMG_80533 11450IMG_80534
11450IMG_80535 11450IMG_8054 11450IMG_8056 11450IMG_8065
11450IMG_80821 11450IMG_80881 11450IMG_81081 11450IMG_81231
11450IMG_81281 11728HFOE-1 11728hfoe-mike-1 11728hfoe-mike-6
11728hfoemike-2 11728hfon-mike-4 11728hfon-mike-4a 11728hpoe-7
1450IMG_80791 61542Disneyland_5-5-05_006 Golden Vehicles -dumbo Golden Vehicles -horse
Golden Vehicles -junglecruise Golden Vehicles -peterpan Golden Vehicles -smallworld Golden Vehicles-caseyjr
Golden Vehicles-teacup Parade of Dreams-1 Parade of Dreams-10 Parade of Dreams-11
Parade of Dreams-12 Parade of Dreams-13 Parade of Dreams-14 Parade of Dreams-2
Parade of Dreams-3 Parade of Dreams-4 Parade of Dreams-5 Parade of Dreams-6
Parade of Dreams-7 Parade of Dreams-8 Parade of Dreams-9 Remember-Fireworks-1
Remember-Fireworks-2 Remember-Fireworks-5 Sleeping Beauty Castle -1 Sleeping Beauty Castle -2
Sleeping Beauty Castle-1 Sleeping Beauty Castle-2 Sleeping Beauty Castle-3 Sleeping Beauty Castle-4
Sleeping Beauty Castle-41 Sleeping Beauty Castle-5 Sleeping Beauty Castle-6 Sleeping Beauty Castle-7
Sleeping Beauty Castle-8