Screen name: WebmasterDoc
Name: Rob
Location: Indiana
Occupation: Dentist
DIS Role(s): Assistant Webmaster DIS, DVC Board Moderator, DVC Rent/Trade Moderator, Adults/Solos Board Moderator, Debate Board Moderator, DVC Chat Host.

Which Disney parks around the world have you visited: WDW, DL
Date of first Disney Trip: July, 1958 (DL) Jan, 1972 (WDW)
# of Disney Trips: WDW-49 weeks, DL- 7 trips (not weeks!)

First Disney Attraction and reaction to it: Jungle Cruise at DL. What a great adventure for a 10 year old!

Fav. Park and why: Magic Kingdom. I get a real rush of emotion walking through the Train Station and seeing the Castle for the first time....on every trip!

Fav. Attraction and why: Kilamanjaro Safari- Great theme and an opportunity to view animals in very realistic habitat.

Fav. Show and why: Illuminations- Reflections of Earth. Wonderful show, with high energy and emotion!

Fav. Resort and why: Old Key West - wonderful accommodations and amenities.

Fav. Restaurant and why: Narcoossee's- great menu with great view.

Fav. Snack at WDW: Smoothies

Fav. Disney Tip: Take a break during the day- get out of the heat, swim, nap, read and go back to the parks refreshed!

Fav. Disney Magical Moment/ Most Memorable Experience: The first glimpse of the castle after walking under the railway station every trip.

Words of Wisdom: WDW certainly encompasses what is important to all of us. The experience of revisiting our childhood- whenever that may have been- and the great opportunity to share it all with family and friends.