‘Aladdin’ Casting Call Mentions Ethnicity


The next film in a long line of live-action remakes of classic Disney animated films, Aladdin has put out a casting call for its lead characters, the titular Aladdin as well as Princess Jasmine. The notice calls for actors with song and dance experience between the ages of 18-25. It also mentions “the characters are Middle Eastern”, the original having been set in the fictional Arabian city of Agrabah. After the initial announcement of the film a Care2 petition was created asking Disney to authentically cast Middle Eastern characters and avoid “whitewashing” the cast. That petition gained over 17,000 signatures.

Rehearsals will begin in April; filming will begin in the United Kingdom in July and should be complete by January 2018. The film will be a musical based on the Disney animated version. Guy Ritchie will direct.

Source: Playbill

Image: © Disney

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