Alfred Angelo Bridal Admits Publicly that Existing Wedding Gown Orders Will Remain Unfulfilled

Alfred Angelo Bridal

We told you last month that Alfred Angelo, the famous wedding dress designer who designed the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Bridal Collection, had filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. At the time the story was originally published, customers of the famous bridal shop did not know what to expect and whether or not their existing orders would be fulfilled.

According to Wesh2, the company is letting its customers whose orders have not been completed know that their orders will, unfortunately, remain unfulfilled.

The company reportedly attempted to complete the existing orders they had when they filed for bankruptcy, but according to a statement, “it has now become apparent that the logistical and financial strain of fulfilling each and every open order makes continuing that course of action no longer possible.”

Customers who did not have their orders fulfilled can file a proof claim with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court by clicking here.

Source: Wesh2

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