Child’s Tongue Stuck for Four Hours in Lid of Disney Monster’s Inc. Mug


The Disney Store has pulled a specific design of a child’s travel mug off of their shelves after a seven-year old got her tongue stuck in the opening of the screw-top lid. The lid was attached to the child’s tongue for over four hours before it could finally be removed safely.

The child was taken to a hospital where it took staffers quite some time to detach the lid from the child’s tongue. It’s being reported that a hacksaw and a drill were both used to finally get the lid removed.



The child’s tongue was pretty badly bruised after the lid was finally removed.


The mother of the child expressed her concern regarding the “flawed product” as the Disney Store said they would not be recalling the mug, but would just be removing it from their shelves.

If you happen to own this mug, you may want to return it.

Source: The Sun

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