Colin Farrell May Star in Live-Action Dumbo Adaptation


With a cast that already boasts Eva Green and Danny Devito, Disney is currently in talks with actor Colin Farrel regarding Dumbo. Tim Burton will be directing the feature.

Another in a ever-increasing list of Disney live-action remakes, the new Dumbo adaptation will retell the classic tail of the persistent pachyderm with over-sized ears. Plot details have not been forthcoming, but according to some sources an expansion upon the circus aspects of the story is likely.

Tim Burton, set to helm the project, has had involvement in a few previous Disney creations. He directed Alice in Wonderland in 2010, and was a producer on the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass in 2016. He also served as a producer on James and the Giant Peach in 1996. His most notable Disney-related venture though, was as a writer/producer of 1993’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. In 2013 Farrel appeared in Walt Disney Pictures’ Saving Mr. Banks.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Image:Victor Chavez/Getty Images

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