Disney CEO Iger to Stay on Trump’s Advisory Council


The Walt Disney Company had an annual meeting for their investors on Wednesday. The discussion became political, and Disney CEO Bob Iger was questioned from both liberal and conservative investors about the media, immigration, and his role on President Trump’s advisory council.

Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that he will not step down from President Trump’s advisory council. He believes that it is in the “best interest of our company and our industry to have an opportunity to express specific points of view directly to to the president of the United States.” There are approximately 15 current and former CEOs on Trump’s advisory council. Iger made it clear that his participation in President Trump’s advisory council doesn’t represent his approval of some of Trump’s actions and policies as President.

Last month, Iger did miss the first meeting of the advisory council, but stated that it conflicted with a Disney board meeting.

On immigration, Iger stated that a policy “that is open to the world is, I think, something that is vital to the future success of The Walt Disney Co. and this country.”

Conservative Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research implicated that Disney television networks and media, including ABC and ESPN, have a bias in favor of “liberal coastal elites.” Iger stated that the Disney operated media is not at all biased. He was proud that Disney operated media “present news in an extremely fair way.”

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Photo: Variety

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