Disney Channel Announces Production is Underway to Relaunch ‘Bug Juice’

Camp Waziyatah

If you’re looking for a real blast from the past, you’ll be excited to hear that filming is currently underway at Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine to bring Disney Channel’s reality TV show Bug Juice back!

Bug juice was named after the juice drinks often served at summer camps. The show provided a genuine portrayal of the summer camp experience to campers and counselors alike.

While no details have been released on the show’s cast, the show will be “executive-produced by Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Tina Gazzero Clapp and Toni Gallagher. Ross, Clapp, and Gallagher were all involved in the production of the original series, which premiered on February 28, 1998, and ran for three seasons.”

The show was a huge hit back in the day with its realistic depiction of a summer sleep away camp. In fact, then owners Peter and Penny Kerns experienced spikes in enrollment year after year at the popular camp due to the stellar ratings of the successful show. Brothers Gregg and Mitch Parker now own the camp.

Here’s a look at the first episode of the first season in case you a refresher.

We don’t know yet when the re-launch will air, but we’ll be sure to share as soon as we hear!

Source: @DisneyChannelPR and Cosmopolitan

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