Disney Fans Receive Survey Describing Potential ‘Star Wars’-Themed Hotel

Star Wars Hotel

According to WFTV 9, a survey has recently been sent out asking if fans would be interested in a potential Star Wars-themed hotel. The survey (from third party company Swagbucks, not Disney) asks if fans would be interested in spending two nights in a completely immersive Star Wars experience.

The survey also shows artist renderings of a resort resembling a spacecraft and hotel rooms with interactive virtual windows which provide guests with a view of the Star Wars universe. The survey also states that guests would have the opportunity to train with lightsabers and go on secret missions. No price point is mentioned in the survey.

WFTV 9 received this statement from a Disney spokesperson regarding the survey:

“We know our guests love all things in the world of Star Wars, and we’re continually exploring new ideas and gathering guest feedback as we develop plans to bring Star Wars to life at Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Some of these ideas come to fruition, while many do not.”

Source: WFTV 9/Jamie Holmes

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