Disney Research Creates a Prototype Living Room with “Ubiquitous Wireless Power Delivery”


There have been some rumors floating around online about the 2017 iPhone 8 possibly having the ability to be charged without using any cables, wires, or charging pads. MacRumors.com is reporting today that Disney Research has built a prototype living room that will allow consumers to move freely about while their device charges.

“The room’s walls, ceiling, and floor were built with aluminum panels, and a large copper pipe was placed in its center. The middle of the pipe was cut out and in the gap, the researchers placed fifteen capacitors.” The capacitors, according to MacRumors, set the electromagnetic frequency of the structure and are able to find the electric fields.

There is a generator sitting just outside this prototype living room that generates the power that’s relayed into the room, however; there is a limit to the amount of power allowed to be pumped in before it reaches a dangerous level for humans. The absorption rate is capped at 1900 watts. “The copper pole at the room’s center requires the nearest person to have at least 46 centimeters of clearance before they’re put in danger. Besides these restrictions, Disney says it’s ‘completely safe’ for anyone to occupy the room for any period of time.”

A receiver was also designed to allow many devices in the room to receive power simultaneously. Apple’s Phil Schiller has mentioned previously that introducing a wireless charging pad for iPhone would be more complicated than this wireless charging system.

It’s not known at this time what Disney is planning to do with this technology, but it’s cool to think that there might be certain areas in the theme parks and resorts that could potentially start charging your phone as soon as you enter. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything further on it.

Photo and news source: macrumors.com

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