Disney World Firefighters and Reedy Creek Improvement District Agree on Contract


After over two years of negotiations, the Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Reedy Creek Firefighters Association, the union representing Walt Disney World area firefighters, may have finally reached an agreement.

John Classe, District Administrator for Reedy Creek, made the announcement at today’s board meeting but added no other details.

Firefighters Association president Tim Stromsnes felt good about the results, adding, “I think finally we got to where we needed to be.”

Most firefighters will receive a 4.7% raise, plus an additional $5,000 to cover the period while they worked without a contract.  Any additional money for health insurance is still in question as both sides meet with insurance providers.

Any  agreement would first need to be voted on by the firefighters, then approved by the Reedy Creek board at their March meeting.


Source/Image: Orlando Sentinel

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