ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Working on New Turnstile Area


The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex has recently begun some new construction for their turnstile area; the work will be completed in two phases.

The first phase involves pouring new concrete sidewalks, as well as installing permanent fencing near the secondary box office. The work will take place predominantly at night, and will continue until July 7th.


The second phase will pick up on July 17th, after AAU Track and Field. During the second phase, guests will have to navigate around the construction using a temporary bypass sidewalk, as the main entrance promenade will not be accessible. Guests will still use the current entrance turnstiles until the work is completed. The front facade of Champions Stadium will be painted up through June 30th, making the main gates temporarily inaccessible at certain times. Signs will be provided to help guests find their way.

Source: Orlando Theme Park News

Images: Disney

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