‘Flight of the Navigator’ Added to the List of Disney Reboots


It is an unavoidable fact of modern American cinema that every few weeks will see the announcement of a reboot, remake, or reimagining, and Disney is certainly doing their fair share. We can look forward to a deluge of animated classic remakes in the coming years (The Lion KingAladdinDumbo, and so many more), and Disney has even began rebooting its less box office friendly properties (Hocus Pocus).

So, what is next in line to get Disney’s reboot treatment? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t see this one coming; it’s 1986’s Flight of the Navigator.

The sci-fi adventure tale is currently in the works, with a script being penned by Joe Henderson (showrunner on the Fox hit series Lucifer) and the Jim Henson Company set to produce.

If your memory of the original 1986 film needs some refreshing, the story follows 12-year-old David. While walking through the woods, David falls and gets knocked unconscious. When he awakes he finds himself 8 years in the future (1986), having not aged at all, and with no memory of the missing time.

He soon discovers that he was abducted by an alien spacecraft which needs his help as “the navigator”. The ship is filled with strange alien creatures and is piloted by the robot “Max”.

The original film starred Joey Cramer as David, featured a young Sarah Jessica Parker and the voice acting of Paul Reubens as Max.

Disney’s first attempt to bring the film up to date was in 2009, but the idea never came to fruition and had been shelved until now.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Image: Flight of the Navigator, Walt Disney Pictures (1986)

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