Is Disney’s Blizzard Beach Testing FastPass?


Earlier today, Redditor lisaaxmariee posted an image from Disney’s Blizzard Beach of wristbands with return times for Teamboat Springs, Summit Plummet, and Downhill Double Dipper. The wristbands haven’t been confirmed by Disney as anything that will be permanent in Blizzard Beach, but it does seem like these wristbands could be a test for Disney to have FastPass in the Walt Disney World water parks. Again, The DIS is working to confirm that this is a test for FastPass, but nothing is official as of now.

MagicBands are waterproof, so the incorporation of using them in the water parks would be simple. All that would need to be added would be touch points and the room for a FastPass line.

Interestingly, the wristbands have a half hour window for the return times, compared for the full hour return time window for a traditional FastPass.

Credit: Reddit user lisaaxmariee

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