New Book ‘The Color of Pixar’ Highlights the Studio’s Aesthetic Brilliance


In between all of the comedy and heart-wrenching emotional scenes, Pixar manages to fit in some beautiful visuals. Tia Kratter’s new book, The Color of Pixar, displays Pixar’s unique aesthetic styles in a color-coded format.

The hardcover book is filled with 8″ by 6″ prints of some of Pixar’s most eye-pleasing moments, arranged by color. The volume begins with white, cycles through the rainbow, and ends at black. Kratter’s intent is to emphasize exactly how important color is to the creation of a Pixar feature. Here is an absolutely beautiful quote from the book that sheds light on the role a color-script plays in a film’s development:

“If a color in the film is working well, it can send signals to the audience about the feelings of a scene without a line of dialogue.”

Below is a promotional video for the work:

Source: Pixar Post


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