New Footage of Pandora – The World of Avatar Focuses on Culture


Disney has released another promotional video for Pandora – The World of Avatar, and this one elaborates on the thought process behind creating the new land. When creating Disney’s Animal Kingdom‘s other lands, Africa or Asia for example, Disney tried to put in as much of their real world characteristics as possible. They wanted you to get a taste for what these places actually feel like. This was also the process for creating Pandora.

The video explains how imagineers used real world influences to create the Na’vi homeworld. When it came to practical details they used real world influences, such as cultures that weave like the Na’vi would. When it came to the ecosystem they considered aspects from the film’s story and used that as a template. Mining has been a destructive force on Pandora, and so conservation efforts for water and endangered species are present throughout the land.

Pandora – The World of Avatar will be opening May 27th 2017.

Source: Disney


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