Newborn is SeaWorld Orlando’s First Baby Walrus


Just in case you’ve been having a difficult day and haven’t yet hit your adorable animal quota, SeaWorld Orlando has a newborn walrus calf to show you. The mustached infant was born on June 3rd to 14-year-old mother Kaboodle, is the first walrus to be born at SeaWorld Orlando, and has not been named as of yet (the gender has not been established so far).

Mother walrus and child are currently spending quality time backstage while under 24-hour care. Kaboodle received pre-natal treatment and regular ultrasounds from SeaWorld’s animal husbandry and veterinary teams. SeaWorld has permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to care for walruses.

The calves have whiskers at birth, which are used to search for shellfish, and both genders grow tusks. Warming temperatures have negatively affected walrus habitats, and the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has assisted with Pacific walrus research.

SeaWorld released a video announcing the new bundle of joy (and presumably blubber) into the world. Watch that below and try not to smile, or at least gain a new appreciation for mustaches.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel

Video/Image: SeaWorld Cares


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