Orange County Firefighter Suspended for Involvement in Disney Ticket Resale


The supervisor of two Orange County firefighters suspended for the resale of free Walt Disney World tickets has now been dealt a suspension himself. Orange County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Darion Butler has been given a suspension of three 24-hour shifts; his superiors have charged him with a substandard quality of work, destroying evidence or giving false testimony during an investigation and conduct unbecoming a fire employee.

Earlier this month, Butler’s subordinates Glen Kiture and Christopher Huntley were suspended after reselling free Disney tickets. As a way of expressing gratitude and solidarity after the Pulse terror attack in Orlando Florida(June 2016), Walt Disney World gave thousands of tickets to first-responders. The tickets were not to be resold for profit.

Orange County firefighters Kiture and Huntley sold them anyway. The two sold their tickets to other people through an online website. When a family who purchased those tickets attempted to enter a Walt Disney World Park they were denied admission.

Butler thought there might be a problem back in March, during a meeting with Kiture one day before the family filed a formal complaint. Rather than inform his superiors, he attempted to resolve the situation himself. He did so under the guise of a Disney employee.

Butler phoned the family and said this:

“I would like to find out your experience you had with Disney and if there was any problems with your tickets. If you would please try to contact Walt Disney World again and we will try to accommodate you again.”

His suspension begins on July 22nd.

Source/Image: WFTV9 (ABC)


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