PETA Attempting to Push SeaWorld Investors to Vote on Seaside Sanctuaries


According to the Orlando Sentinel, the animal rights organization, PETA, is attempting to push SeaWorld Entertainment investors into a vote that would send “the company’s killer whales to seaside sanctuaries.”

PETA is, interestingly enough, a shareholder in SeaWorld, and as a big enough investor, they can submit a resolution, via a proxy statement, to be brought up at the annual shareholders meeting.

SeaWorld is staunchly opposed to sending their killer whales to seaside sanctuaries, believing that putting the orcas in “untested sanctuaries poses a risk to their health and their lives.” Because of this, SeaWorld is hoping to exclude PETA’s resolution and to do this, they’ve written the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to attempt to take out PETA’s bid. SeaWorld argues in their statement that “it is well-known to the proponent that no `seaside sanctuaries’ currently exist.”

In the Orlando Sentinel, PETA attorney Jared Goodman was quoted as saying, “Rather than investing in improving the lives of the 22 long-suffering orcas who are held in small concrete cells at SeaWorld, the company is seeking to exclude PETA’s resolution from its proxy materials and annual meeting.”

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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