Retired Pro-Wrestler Magnum T.A. Denied Segway Access to the Magic Kingdom


In 1986, a car accident left pro-wrestler Magnum T.A. (or Terry Allen) paralyzed. Mr. Allen has worked long hours in physical therapy, and now for the last six years he has used a modified Segway to get around.

Unfortunately for Terry Allen on a recent vacation to Walt Disney World with his 9-year-old twins he was denied bringing his modified Segway into the Magic Kingdom.

Disney has said in an official statement,

“For safety reasons, we restrict the use of two-wheeled devices given the unique environment of our theme parks. There are various other options available to our Guests, such as the use of wheelchairs, four-wheeled electric scooters and an electric standing vehicle, which do not pose the same concerns.”

Allen was told he would have to leave his modified Segway in the car in order to enter the park. In response to this entire situation Terry Allen has said,

“It’s 2017. You can’t tell someone how to overcome their physical challenges. It’s not acceptable. I won’t accept it from anybody because I’ve been there and come from the ground up to where I am today.”

For the rest of his family vacation they spent their time in Universal and SeaWorld. Both of those two resorts reportedly gave him no issues and allowed him to use his Segway.


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