San Jose Sharks’ Brent Burns Mistaken for Pirate at Walt Disney World


When you see the photo you’ll understand the confusion. Earlier this year, defenseman Brent Burns was visiting Walt Disney World with his family when guests started to notice him. Was it due to Burns’s status as a professional hockey player for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks? Maybe his previous run with the Minnesota Wild?

Nope. As it turns out, when he is off the ice and in the parks, Burns is a dead ringer for a pirate.


Burns and his family prefer to enjoy the parks in style. When asked about his summer during a Las Vegas interview, Burns talked about his experience signing autograph books for children who thought he was a pirate. “We always try to dress up and have a good time every day there,” Burns said, “so you can’t blame the kids for thinking that.”

If you think this pro hockey player’s vacation wardrobe only has pirate apparel, you don’t know Brent Burns.

Source/Image: USA Today

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