Stolen Money Saved for a Disneyland Vacation Replaced


Earlier this month, the Mata family from Arizona had their house broken into. $600 in cash was stolen among other items, but the cash in particular was the family’s savings for a trip to Disneyland. The children of the family had been saving up for three years in order to go on this vacation.

Fortunately, due to an ABC15 news report, this story has a happily ever after. After hearing about the devastation of the family losing the funds for the Disneyland vacation on the local news, a compassionate person named Victoria Burke stepped up to make things right. Victoria Burke and her husband Brian, along with their son Orion met with the Mata family to present them with a bag full of gifts. The bag included Disney plush toys, coloring books, but what really meant the most was the $600 to replace the money that was stolen.

Burke can relate to the Mata family saying, “My family had their house broken into and they stole my piggy bank so I can really relate to that feeling of sadness and violation.” Victoria Burke’s sympathetic contribution created such a positive and happy moment for everyone. Burke said, “I’m so happy to see the kids just elated and thrilled.”

Credit: ABC15

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