UK Mother Raises £7 Thousand for Disney Trip with GoFundMe Campaign


Thanks to a GoFundMe page and some resilience, Gloucestershire Mother Nikki Smith raised enough money to take her children to Walt Disney World next summer. Smith faced online backlash after her page first went up, with many calling her a “beggar” or “scrounger”, but she says she had just wanted to reward her daughters with a trip to Disney she wouldn’t be able to afford.

Here is here original fundraising page:


The goal of the fundraising page was £5,000.

Smith is a 33-year-old healthcare worker who only manages part-time employment. She believes that by the time she saved enough money to afford a trip for her daughters they would be too old to enjoy it. She said, “I love my children and my job. I’m a carer and I haven’t been able to get any more hours at work. Nights are not easy to come by, I do try.”

Smith had removed the page after it was shared on Facebook 18,000 times and she started receiving severe backlash. Of her intentions, Smith said, “I never meant to upset anyone.”

It seems she did upset some very vocal segments of the online population. Smith said, “Some of the comments were disgusting… People have been comparing me to a homeless beggar and things like that. I’m absolutely traumatised by it all… I don’t go on my Facebook any more because all my friends have been sharing it and I’m quite scared about my children going to school and being picked on.”

Nikki did end up relaunching the page despite the trolling she received. The relaunched GoFundMe page earned £2,000 in 24 hours, and is now up to a total of £7,000.

To those who made this happen for her family, Smith wrote, ““I just want to thank you all again, we are going to Disneyworld summer 2018… I will post pics when we are back ! You are all angels … xxx”

Source/Images: The Sun



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