Zachary Levi Claims the Disneyland Turkey Legs are Actually Emu Legs


Actor Zachary Levi, star of the new animated series Tangled: Before Ever After, was on Conan O’Brien on Thursday night. During the interview Zachary Levi claimed an old Disney myth to be true. He believes that the Disneyland turkey legs are actually Emu. This is an old wives tale for Disney park fans, but according to Levi he has cast member friends at Disneyland that told him it was true. Apparently these friends “confirmed” his fear. The revelation came about when Levi was asking why the turkey legs tasted like ham, and his cast member friend stated that the turkey legs were in fact emu.

In an interview with E! News the executive chef at Walt Disney World‘s Magic Kingdom Robert Adams, stated that they are indeed turkey legs. He simply stated, “They’re real turkeys. It’s what they are.”


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