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Disney and unions extend contract

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Mar 10, 2014 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
Walt Disney World has reached an agreement with the Service Trades Council to extend their current contract for three and a half months while they continue to negotiate.

Following the February 23 price increase, workers held a rally to let Disney know that they wanted raises. The rally, held Monday, February 24, was attended by hundreds of housekeepers, restaurant staff and ride operators.

Disney responded to the rally, but saying that employes who make less than $10 per hour are part time and many have been with Disney for over 10 years, staying because of the benefits Disney offers such as child car and an on site clinic.

The agreement, which applies to six unions representing 36,400 workers extends the current contract until July 17.