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Disney being sued by family of boy killed in bus crash

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Oct 13, 2010 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
Walt Disney World is being sued by the family of a 9-year-old who died in a bike accident involving one of the resort's buses. At the time of the crash, Chase Brubaker had been riding his bike in Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground on Big Pine Drive, when his bike left the sidewalk and was trapped under the wheel of the bus. The Brubaker family is claiming that negligent behavior from the Disney company was at fault for the fatal crash.

Among the claims are that Disney caused the boy's death by not designing the road properly to keep him safe from harm. Karen Terry, the Brubaker's attorney, said, "They created a foreseeable zone of danger where they knew children and pedestrians would be." Other claims are that the sidewalk is too close to the road, the bus was not properly maintained, and that the bus driver was working without enough rest breaks.

The Florida Highway Patrol did a crash report immediately following the incident and determined that the bike had a flat tire and shouldn't have been ridden. According to Terry, the family has "had accident re-constructionists, bio-mechanical engineers and human factors experts come out to the scene, and they disagree with the FHP's finding."

The Brubaker family is also suing the driver of the bus involved in the incident.