Man goes to prison for buying Disney tickets with stolen credit cards
Jan 29, 2014

A New York man will serve five years in a federal prison for using over 100 stolen credit card numbers to buy Walt Disney World and Universal Studios tickets. Werawat Isaraphanich, 38, attempted to make over $1.1 million in purchases with stolen credit card numbers; actual losses to the victims added up to $323,000. "Isaraphanich used stolen credit card numbers to purchase tickets from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, StubHub, and Ticket Master, which he then sold at a discount," according to court documents.

To make the purchases, he used software that created a false caller ID on his phone. In addition to the theme park tickets, he also purchased airline tickets, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and merchandise from Apple and Macy's.

He was convicted of access device fraud and after his prison term, will serve 3 years of supervised release. He must repay the victims for their losses; that payment will begin with $176,000 that was found in two of his accounts.

He pled guilty on September 18, 2013.