Rumor: RFID-enabled mugs coming to Walt Disney World hotels
Jul 8, 2013

Will Walt Disney World hotels soon be implementing the refillable mug system that has been tested at All-Star Sports Resort in recent years? According to the website Orlando Theme Park News, the new program, Rapid Fill, will begin this month at hotels featuring self-serve beverage stations. The All-Star Resorts will once again be the first resorts to roll out the new program, which will offer guests a refillable mug armed with an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip inside. The chip will be activated for a select number of days, allowing guests yet another way to customize their vacation. The mugs can then be filled with drinks at the beverage stations for those designated days. Choices will include 1 day for $8.99, 2 days for $11.99, 3 days for $14.99 and 4 or more days (length of stay; days must be consecutive) for $17.99.

Mugs cannot be used during subsequent visits to Walt Disney World. They may not be used at the water parks (a water park option may be added in the future), but may be filled at any resort with self-serve beverage stations. Days are calculated by the calendar, not by 24-hour periods. For example, if you use your mug for the first time at 10:30pm, your first day will end at 11:59pm that night. The new mugs will be included with the Disney Dining Plan.

The implementation of this system has not yet been confirmed by Disney.