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Tour company uses wheelchairs to promise front of the line access at Walt Disney World?

Leah Zanolla | Posted: May 14, 2013 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
In an article that screams controversy, a contributor to the New York Post has allegedly discovered a "scheme" practiced by "wealthy Manhattan moms" wherein people with disabilities are paid "to pose as family members so they and their kids can jump to the front" of the lines at Walt Disney World. It must be clarified that this report has not been confirmed by a second source, so at this point should be believed with caution. In addition, the New York Post is regarded by some as being somewhat of a tabloid newspaper. However, if true, these allegations would provide evidence of a disturbing practice.

According to the article, a family from Manhattan claims they have paid a Florida tour company $130/hour to guide them around the Walt Disney World theme parks posing as the family of a guest with disabilities in order to get sent "to an auxiliary entrance at the front of each attraction." The article even quotes an anonymous mother who took park in such a plan in saying, "My daughter waited one minute to get on 'It's a Small World' - the other kids had to wait 2 1/2 hours." The quote may be the first sign the article is not 100% accurate, as there is rarely (if ever) a 150 minute wait for 'It's a Small World'." Regardless, the article continues by quoting Dr. Wednesday Martin, the social anthropologist who discovered this practice while researching a book. She states, "Passing around the rogue guide service's phone number recently became a shameless ritual among Manhattan's private-school set during spring break. The service asks who referred you before they even take your call. It's insider knowledge that very few have and share carefully."

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This article will be updated if when this story is either confirmed or discredited.