Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise money for "Dark Side of Disney" film
Apr 19, 2014

A filmmaker wants to make a make a movie about the "dark side of Disney." Philip B. Swift, a digital filmmaker from New York, is asking people to donate to a Kickstarter campaign to help him raise $20,000 to produce a film adaptation of Leonard Kinsey's The Dark Side of Disney. This book claims to be the "Anarchist Cookbook of Disney Travel Guides" and is compiled of "utterly unauthorized tips, tricks, and scams for your WDW vacation." Kinsey grew up near Walt Disney World and fills the book with adult-themed tips such as which shows are best seen while high and where the best locations are to have sex in the theme parks. Swift's Kickstarter campaign page says that Kinsey will give guidance about the film.

Depending on the amount of money pledged, people who back the film on Kickstarter can get rewards ranging from a digital download of the film to a chance to hang out at Epcot with the filmmakers.

The film will focus on interviews with "Darksiders" who have actually experienced "darker side" of the parks, as well as the film crew working through a series of dark side challenges.

This isn't Swift's first Kickstarter campaign; he used a successful past campaign to fund a full-length documentary about the town of Celebration, Florida called The Bubble.