Jon Landau and Joe Rohde discuss Disney's Avatar Land
Jan 31, 2014

Avatar producer Jon Landau and Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde discussed their thoughts about Walt Disney World's Avatar Land at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Landau said that he thinks Avatar Land will be "an unprecedented theme park experience" and will break new ground in the theme park world. Rohde spoke of how he believes that Avatar and Disney's Animal Kingdom are really about the same values, making them work together perfectly. He stated that Avatar Land will not only be a added benefit to all of Disney World, and not just Animal Kingdom. When discussing Walt Disney World's "core values," Rohde said, "The first of these is nature, something which is obviously redolent of the Avatar universe. The second is adventure, which is also clearly intrinsic to the first Avatar movie. And the third is a personal call to action that regularly makes guests the center of attention." He said that this third value is where Avatar Land will come into play.

Avatar Land is currently scheduled to open in 2017; the second, third and fourth films in the franchise will be released in 2016, 2017 and 2018.