Rumor: Spectromagic parade found in dumpsters?
Jul 2, 2013

Rumors on the DISboards are that crushed pieces of the Spectromagic parade floats have been found in dumpsters backstage at Walt Disney World. The thread was actually started back in April, when posters started discussing a rumor of the parade floats being found in disrepair. It seems that when Spectromagic was replaced with the Main Street Electrical Parade back in 2010, the floats were stored in an outdoor location that may not have kept the vehicles protected from termites and the varying Florida weather. The thread has been updated in the past couple of days with the reports of the floats' remains being found in the dumpsters. Disney has never officially announced that the popular parade would not be returning, so many Disney enthusiasts are still holding out hope that they will see their beloved Spectromagic again.