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Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices Overnight

by Leah Zanolla
May 18, 2014

The Disneyland Resort raised prices on nearly all of their tickets and annual passes overnight.

While annual increases on Disneyland Resort tickets and passes are expected, this year's increase was done rather quietly, with just a few rumors being posted on sites like the disboards. A 1-day 1-park ticket is now $96 (up from $92).

Most of the ticket increases were in the 2-4% range, however the adult 3-5 day 1-park tickets were virtually unchanged, with the adult 4-day 1-park ticket not increasing at all. The lone exception is the nearly 10% increase on both the child and adult 1-day hopper ticket, which is now $150 for an adult.

Price increases in Disneyland Resort annual passes were in the 4-6% range, with the Premium Pass up $30 to $699. Disneyland has suspended sales of their Southern California pass to all but those renewing. The Southern California Select pass is still available for purchase.

The Premier Pass, which is valid at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World resort increased 5% to $1,029 (plus applicable tax).

A full list of Disneyland Ticket prices can be found at wdwinfo.com.