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SeaWorld announces new habitats for killer whales

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Aug 15, 2014 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
SeaWorld Parks have announced "The Blue World Project," an initiative to teach the public about killer whales. SeaWorld's parks in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio will all take part.

New viewing spaces and an above-water platform will be added to the killer whale habitats, giving guests the opportunity to get up close to the whales. A "fast water current" will be added, which allows the whales to swim against moving water like they would in the wild.

SeaWorld released a statement, saying:

"The new environment will also allow for increased engagement with SeaWorld experts through new enrichment experiences and interactive programs. The environment will enhance the educational experience for guests, foster deeper knowledge of killer whales and their ocean environment, and inspire guests to celebrate and conserve the natural world. A host of new educational programs will be available as well.

For 50 years, SeaWorld has transformed how the world views marine life. The unprecedented access to marine mammals has increased our knowledge of the ocean and inspired generations. The Blue World Project has just as bold a vision: to advance global understanding of killer whales and to educated, and inspire conservation efforts to protect them in the wild.

That's why we are committing $10 million in matching funds specifically aimed at stopping threats to killer whales in the wild, and that's on top of the nearly 350 studies we've done over the years that have contributed to our understanding of killer whales, marine mammals and other animals that live in the ocean.

Making sure our oceans are healthy is a big concern not just for killer whales, but for all marine life. SeaWorld will be embarking on a major multi-million dollar partnership focused on protecting our oceans. This partnership will enhance our ongoing efforts on this front, including our Rising Tide project focused on reef conservation and our beach cleanup and restoration work.

Finally, in conjunction with the Blue World Project, SeaWorld is bringing on some of the foremost experts in their fields to form an independent advisory panel. We're engaging the 'best of the best' to hear new perspectives and ideas for the new habitat and advise on research and learning opportunities not just at our parks, but in the wild as well."