SeaWorld speaks out about Blackfish documentary
Jan 21, 2014

SeaWorld is finally responding to all the controversy surrounding the Blackfish documentary. The documentary, shown on CNN, showed a negative side of the marine parks and claimed that they had been treating their animals poorly. Until now, SeaWorld has not said much about all the negative press, but they are now speaking out, calling the film "propaganda with an anti-captivity agenda."

SeaWorld whale trainers are now beginning to come forward and share their feelings about the film, and it seems that many feel the film is very misleading. One trainer, Holly Byrd, says footage of herself is used in the film, but that it was not used in the correct context. Mark Simmons, another trainer, had been interviewed in the film, but he said his interview was not shown in full. "In almost everything that had particular weight to it that I said, was not included in the film. What really upset me, was this idea that SeaWorld deceived its trainers and the public because that couldn't be further from the truth." Simmons added.

SeaWorld has begun posting a series of online videos giving their side of the story. They say Blackfish "conveys falsehoods, manipulates viewers emotionally, and relies on questionable filmmaking techniques to create 'facts' that support its point of view."