Universal Orlando parking garage closed for suspicious vehicle
Mar 2, 2014

The parking garage at Universal Orlando was closed for several hours late Saturday night, March 1. Around 7:00pm, the Orlando Police Department received a phone call about a suspicious looking vehicle on the garage's fourth floor. Lt. John Holysz said that Universal Orlando security noticed the suspicious vehicle and driver and were "concerned for the safety of the guests and employees in the area."

After investigation, the garage was declared non-hazardous and cleared at 12:40am on Sunday. Fire officials remained on the scene until 2:00am. Park guests were stuck waiting to get to their cars, as the park had closed at 8:00pm. One of those guests, James Hughes, said he had to wait several hours to get to his car and that people were cold and hungry while they waited. They were not given any information about what was going on, so began looking on social media sites to see what they could find out. One guest posted on Twitter that he had been waiting several hours. Another posted that Universal paid for his cab fare home.

No information was disclosed on why the vehicle and driver were deemed suspicious.