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Admission to SeaWorld No Longer Included with Discovery Cove Tickets

Packages for Discovery Cove in Orlando no longer automatically include admission to SeaWorld or Aquatica. Discovery Cove is a day resort that includes animal encounters in a tropical oasis, including chances to swim with tropical fish and rays, hand-feed birds, or simply swim in a relaxing river. In the past, guests could also spend part […]

SeaWorld Orlando Celebrates Aquatica’s 10th Birthday with Massive Sand Sculpture, Annual Pass Offer

It has been a full decade since SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica opened its gates, and the water park is honoring the occasion with a commemorative sculpture and Florida resident annual pass deals. This sculpture isn’t just celebrating all of the changes that have happened since the gates opened on March 1st, 2008, though; along with a […]

SeaWorld Orlando Offers Buy One Get One Free Ticket Deals for Blue Friday

SeaWorld Orlando has announced multiple Buy One Get One Free ticket offers for the upcoming holiday season. Here’s the full list of online exclusive special deals at the amusement park: Buy One Get One Free: SeaWorld Orlando Single-Day Tickets (Visit through March 15, 2018) Buy One Get One Free: SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Tickets (Visit through […]

Aquatica Orlando Introducing New Raft Ride “Ray Rush” in 2018

SeaWorld Orlando’s water park, Aquatica, will introduce a new family raft slide next year. This exciting new attraction will combine three unique slide elements that will allow families to “slide, splash and soar”. First, passengers will slide at 33 feet per second from 60 feet up in the air. They will then be shot into […]

SeaWorld Closing at 5 P.M. on Saturday for Hurricane Irma

As we continue our coverage of Hurricane Irma and how it will impact the Orlando theme parks, there is a new update on SeaWorld. SeaWorld will close at 5 PM on Saturday, and won’t reopen until Tuesday September 12, 2017. Aquatica, SeaWorld’s water park, will be closed on Saturday until it reopens on Tuesday. Discovery […]

SeaWorld and Aquatica Access Extended for Discovery Cove Guests

Beginning August 1st, visitors to Discovery Cove will have unlimited admission to both SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica through January 31st, 2018. Discovery Cove guests previously had a 14-day window for admission to the parks. This new deal will not only let visitors experience the parks throughout this year, but also give them an opportunity to […]

Commerson’s Dolphin Dies Just Minutes After Birth at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

A tragic, yet not completely unforeseen, end befell the calf of one of Aquatica’s four remaining Commerson’s dolphins, Ringer. Due to her age and the lack of genetic diversity in the small dolphin population, Ringer had been administered contraceptives before the unexpected pregnancy occurred. A few minutes after the calf was born, SeaWorld’s staff began […]