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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Cast Members React to Recently Announced $1,000 Bonus

Disney recently announced that the company would pay at least 125,000 employees a one-time cash bonus of $1,000, and that they would additionally invest $50 million into a new education program for their employees. This decision had mixed results among cast members at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. An article from the Orange County […]

Disney Offers Union a New Deal in Ongoing Wage Negotiations

According to WFTV, unionized Walt Disney World employees were presented with a new offer from Disney yesterday, November 30, 2017. While many in the union believe that the new offer is a move in the right direction, some members are still unsure whether it is a fair deal. The new offer “is a 3 percent […]

Disney and the Union Still Have No Deal with the Contract Deadline Approaching

Earlier this year, Disney and union representatives started negotiating an increase in wages. A federal mediator has stepped in to help facilitate the agreement on the Walt Disney World employee wages, but so far, no deal has been made. The deadline for the contract extension is Friday, December 1, 2017. The 38,000 unionized Disney Cast Members […]

Walt Disney World and Services Trade Council Union Extend Contract to Dec. 31

Walt Disney World and the Services Trade Council Union have been unable to come to an agreement regarding the hourly wage paid to Cast Members. The two parties have been in wage negotiations since August of 2017 and have just agreed to extend the current contract through December 1, 2017, and to resume negotiations on […]

Disney Cast Member Union Rally Broken Up By Police

Yesterday, The DIS reported on “Rally for a Raise,” a rally that took place at 5 p.m. by hundreds of Walt Disney World cast members. The rally was held by Unite Here Local 362, and the purpose was to demonstrate to Disney the union’s proposal and continue negotiations for a living wage. The union is negotiating […]

Why Walt Disney World Should Pay Their Cast Members More

Recent disputes between Walt Disney World and the worker’s union has sparked a debate on what a reasonable hourly wage should be. There is a lot to address on this topic, and this editorial will only scratch the surface, but the point I want to make is that Disney has more than a moral duty […]

8 Things Cast Members Want You to Know About Their Discounts

The best, rarely talked about method to save money at Walt Disney World or Disneyland is to have a friend that works there. When I say friend, I mean a true, genuine friend. Not someone you haven’t spoken to since high school who sat next to you in biology, but an actual, true friend. I […]

Disney Offering Hiring Incentives to New Cooks, Bus Drivers, Housekeeping Cast Members

Disney occasionally offers signing bonuses based on their hiring needs at the time and the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that they’ve increased their incentive from $500 to $1,000 or even $1,500 for new full-time and part-time Cast Members in the culinary department. Finding good culinary staff can sometimes be a real challenge for large companies […]

Do Disney park guests expect too much from cast members?

The quality of the cast members’ service at Walt Disney World has gotten worse, there is no denying that, but guests’ expectation of service has also vastly increased. Basically, people are expecting more and receiving less. This causes frustration on both ends. Guests feel like they aren’t getting good service and cast members are consistently […]

It’s All in a Name…Tag

Employees of the Walt Disney Company wear a variety of costumes, hair pieces, shoes, and accessories depending on the role they hold. All employees have one item in common, though. They all wear the same name tag. Any cast member, from the Captain of a cruise ship to a food service cook, wears the iconic […]