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Doctor Strange Has Arrived in Disney California Adventure Park

While there are many factors guests need to consider when planning a Disneyland Resort vacation, supernatural threats are no longer among them. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts, is now patrolling the streets of Disney California Adventure. Disney has released a video showcasing the hero’s debut, as he instructs guests in […]

Could Talking Mickey Mouse be Leaving Magic Kingdom Park?

We’re seeing some rumors around the internet that the talking Mickey Mouse in Town Square Theater could be going away as soon as early May 2018. The “word on the street” is that he will be replaced by regular Mickey Mouse after that. Apparently, there has been guest confusion as to why Mickey talks in […]

Getting the Best Photo from a Character Meet & Greet

It’s a moment that can capture a memory forever, but how do you make sure you get the best photograph from a character meet? You’ve been standing in line for a while, but your actual moment may only be a few seconds to grab that valuable picture. I don’t think the best photographs are the […]

Five Non-Character Dining Options in Disney World That Will Still Entertain Your Kids!

Character Dining in Disney World is amazing and an absolute must-do dining experience in my opinion, especially if you have kids. However, character dining is often expensive and it also isn’t usually the most relaxed meal you are ever going to enjoy with your family. The rush to the buffet station and back to your table […]

Yes We’re Two Grown Adults, Yes We’re At The Royal Table

So I’ll say it right from the start: we were two adults, traveling without kids, and we went to Cinderella’s Royal Table for dinner. Did I feel like I had to justify this to others repeatedly? Yes. Did I care? No, and I will tell you why. The first time I ate at Cinderella’s Royal […]

Experiences I Try to Avoid at Disney

As an introvert, there are a certain number of experiences and attractions I go out of my way to avoid when I visit Walt Disney World. I’ve always been an introvert; I’m more comfortable on my own than in a big crowd, and I don’t like drawing attention to myself. Of course, there’s more to […]

Tarzan Meet and Greet Opportunity Ending at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Starting on September 30, 2017, Tarzan will no longer be meeting guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Yet, there is some good news. On October 1, 2017, guests will have the opportunity to meet Timon from The Lion King on Discovery Island. Credit: WDWMagic

Meeting Disney Characters as an Adult

I may be an adult but I love meeting the characters in the Disney Parks. My brain knows it’s a cast member in a sweaty overused costume but my heart is screaming “OH MY GOODNESS IT’S MINNIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!” There have been times at character breakfasts where I am almost too excited […]

Disney Animal World Subscription Book Series – A Gateway to Animal Kingdom at Disney World

FacebookTwitterGoogle+ There are two things I love. The first is Disney. The second is animals. So it comes as no surprise that Animal Kingdom ranks pretty high on my list of favourite places. My little boy seems to follow this interest in animals, so when I came across this amazing book series for small children […]

Review: Surf’s Up! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends

If you enter Paradise Pier hotel from Disneyland Drive, walk past the giant Goofy with a surfboard statue, and take a right, you’ll walk past Surfside Lounge, and end up at the PCH Grill where you’ll experience Surfs Up! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends. If you arrive before the 7am opening like us, the doors […]