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RUMOR: Permit Filed for Epcot’s Backstage Area Possibly for a Ratatouille Attraction

Yesterday, we had reported that Epcot filed a permit with the South Florida Water Management District for the backstage areas of the park. It is now being rumored that the permit is for the construction of a future Ratatouille attraction. The rumors believe that the attraction will be built to the left of the pavilion, […]

A Texan’s Take on Le Chefs de France

Growing up in Central Texas, I had very little exposure to French Cuisine.  Aside from French Onion soup, (a seemingly mandatory menu item at most restaurants), my knowledge of French food was limited to what I had seen on TV. Hollywood’s portrayal of French restaurants left me with a mental picture of highbrow eateries filled with over-the-top culinary concoctions, and […]