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A Magical Moment at Walt Disney World

Magical moments happen all the time at Walt Disney World. Many times the cast members don’t realize that they are truly actual magical moments for that specific person. Often times, but not always. One of the many reasons why I love Disney World is because it is a place that treats all people as equals. […]

6 Things I’d Do Differently on My Next Trip to Walt Disney World

I’m fresh from my first Walt Disney World trip in 15 years, and I’m already planning my next one. In order to make my future trips even more magical, I have to consider what I’d do differently. 1) Order Bottled Water Several Disney planning sites, blogs, and forums mentioned bottled water as a must-have. Some […]

Taking On Disney with Fibromyalgia

I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and lupus since I was in the sixth grade. I managed to navigate Disney World shortly after my diagnosis with little problems. I also handled Disneyland five years ago with only a couple of health related hiccups. Now, I’m returning to Disney World nearly 14 years after my first trip, and […]