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Out-of-the-Box Vacation Saving!

The quickest way to kill the fun of a vacation is to worry over finances. On the flip side, there is no freer feeling than going into a trip or cruise knowing everything has been saved for in advance. Not everyone is good at saving, but here are some easy, out-of-the-box ways for you to […]

Taking On Disney with Fibromyalgia

I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and lupus since I was in the sixth grade. I managed to navigate Disney World shortly after my diagnosis with little problems. I also handled Disneyland five years ago with only a couple of health related hiccups. Now, I’m returning to Disney World nearly 14 years after my first trip, and […]

Summer Survival Guide for Walt Disney World Heat

Summer is here before you know it. If you are going to take the plunge and vacation in Walt Disney World in the heat of the summer, here are some helpful tips. Stay hydrated – You can bring your own water or get FREE water from any counter service in Walt Disney World. You are allowed to […]

The History of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Part Two

Part One of the history of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort can be found by clicking this link: The History of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Part One DVC Construction Image: Google Maps The Urban Design Group was also responsible for the design of the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge (now Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge). The […]

20 Questions Before You Choose Your Disney Hotel

Many of us have booked hotel stays multiple times. Whether visiting family, traveling for work, or getting away for the weekend, we have completed the fairly straightforward process with little difficulty. But when it comes to booking Disney hotels, we fret and fuss and lose sleep and ask strangers for advice on discussion boards. And […]

How to Work the System at Disneyland with a Baby

Are you worried you won’t have fun at Disney with your baby? Are you thinking maybe you’ll wait until they’re two, three, five, or seven before you’ll take them for the first time? There’s no need to worry, and there’s certainly no need to wait. There is no better time to go to Disney with […]

A Free Upgrade and Late Check-out at a Disney World Hotel: What Worked for Us

The night before leaving for our most recent Disney trip, my excitement was creeping in, just as it had done on countless trips before. Looking for a task to distract me from the anticipation, I sat and mentally prepared for our trip, carefully reviewing our packing list, ensuring that I hadn’t overlooked any vacation essentials. My […]

Walt Disney World Character Meet-And-Greet: Character Dining in the Parks

In our Walt Disney World character series, we have talked about The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s the Animal Kingdom. These are four really great places to meet the characters you grew up with. The issue is you have to travel between them, wait in multiple lines and plan your day around […]

My Florida Vacation Christmas list

I made my list and checked it twice! Here are some of my favorites when on a Florida Christmas Vacation. Let’s start with the Disney Parks. Magic Kingdom Main Street USA decorations Main Street USA is always decorated perfectly at Christmastime! Cast members work all year round on the decorations we see all over the Disney […]

Are Disney Deluxe Hotels Worth the Price?: A Vacationer’s Perspective

During the last four years and seven trips to the Walt Disney World Resort, my husband and I have often found ourselves mulling over a question that seems to be common among Disney vacationers: Is staying at a deluxe resort worth it? Between all of our trips, we have loved to spend time at the […]