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Hall of Presidents Disrupted by Protesting Guest

The newly reopened Hall of Presidents seems to have suffered its first major disruption related to the addition of President Donald Trump. One guest at a recent show began chanting the phrase “Lock him Up!” as the Trump animatronic began to speak, repeating the slogan throughout the President’s address. After a renovation period filled with […]

Review: The Hall of Presidents with President Trump

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, The Hall of Presidents officially reopened after a lengthy refurbishment in which President Donald J. Trump was added along with a new video, score, narration, and upgraded technology. Although I didn’t make it out the soft opening the night before, I was able to experience the attraction three times on the morning […]

BREAKING: Hall of Presidents to Reopen Tuesday at the Magic Kingdom

After being closed for more than a year, The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom will reopen Tuesday, December 19th. The attraction has been enhanced and will “bring the story of the American presidency to life as never before.” President Donald J. Trump has been added to the show and, as has been the […]

Hall of Presidents Will Officially Feature a Speaking Role for President Donald Trump

Update 6/27/17: The Disney Parks Twitter account reiterated the Vice President of Communications Jacquee Wahler’s message that President Donald Trump will have a speaking role in an official statement today. The statement denies the claims made in a report by Vice Media. The Vice Media report claims that Disney and the Trump administration had differences on […]

Bob Iger Has Resigned From Donald Trump’s Council Over #ParisAgreement Withdrawal

Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, has just announced via his Twitter account that he has resigned from President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which is comprised of some of the country’s most respected and successful business leaders. As a matter of principle, I've resigned from the President's Council over […]

Top Five Threads for January 2017 on DISboards.com

Take a look at our top 5 threads of the month and come join these and thousands of other discussions at DISboards.com. 5. Looking back at 2016, what is the best park tip you can offer? Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies forum | Started by poster ‘CampbellzSoup‘ Our number five thread asks everyone to take […]

Disney CEO Bob Iger Will Not Attend Meeting in White House with President Donald Trump

You might remember us sharing with you last year that Bob Iger, Chairman, and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, was asked to be a part of the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum. We mentioned that the group would be meeting regularly with President Donald Trump and that the first meeting would take place this month. […]

Petitioners Want Trump’s Voice Away From Disney

Disney’s Magic Kingdom attraction, The Hall of Presidents, has a decade-spanning tradition of having their animatronic version of the sitting President deliver a speech, with the actual President providing their own voice. The coming addition of newly elected President Donald Trump has sparked a petition on change.org to forgo that tradition, and omit any dialogue […]

Man arrested at Disney Springs urinates on officer’s leg

Early New Year’s Day, 20-year old Joseph Murphy was arrested on Disney property for disorderly intoxication. Several other charges against Murphy include battery on a police officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs, and resisting an officer without violence. The man continued to resist officers even after he was placed inside of a patrol cruiser by […]

Disney CEO Bob Iger to be part of Donald Trump’s advisory board

President-elect Donald Trump is establishing the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which is comprised of some of the country’s most respected and successful business leaders. Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company is on the list of 16 members that will be on the forum. The forum will be chaired by Stephen […]