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Weekly World Forecast: June 1-7, 2018

Everyone knows planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be time-consuming. For some, it’s a passion project to work out all the details, but for many others, planning a Walt Disney World vacation can feel daunting. We know at The DIS that your vacation should be a time of relaxation and family bonding. When I […]

Rohde’s Yeti: The 10-Year-Old Running Joke

Joe Rohde, the creative lead for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora – the World of AVATAR, and Expedition Everest, recently tweeted about an experience he had with a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer. According to the renowned Imagineer, the officer looked at his passport then his face and asked “When are you going to fix […]

Several Walt Disney World Attractions Remain Closed Despite Parks Reopening

The Walt Disney World theme parks have reopened today after Hurricane Irma blew through Orlando on Sunday night. The details and exact impacts of the storm weren’t exactly clear yesterday, but as time goes by, there are more details and information becoming available about the storm’s full impact on the resort. In the Magic Kingdom, […]

Queue Showdown: Walt Disney World

A queue is just a boring place to wait in line before you get to experience an awesome attraction, right? Not always…Disney has really upped their queue game in the past few years. These newer queues make the wait fun and provide lots of details and experiences. That being said, let’s determine the best queue […]

Top 10 signs you are a hard-core Star Wars ‘nerd’

While Star Wars has been around for many years, it has not always been “cool” to be a Star Wars nerd. Many cultural trends may have come and gone, but through it all, true hard-core Star Wars fans have weathered every fad that’s come their way. And now with a new generation experiencing The Force […]