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Disney Reveals Slate of Numerous Untitled Films Through 2023, and ‘Mulan’ Gets Pushed Back

Disney recently revealed the release dates of several untitled films scheduled out until February 17, 2023! Yesterday, we reported on the Avengers: Infinity War release date being moved up from May 2 to April 27, 2018, but on the flip side, Disney’s scheduled slate of films reveals that the live-action remake of Mulan will, unfortunately, […]

Why Does the Second Half of the Disney Renaissance Get Very Little Love in the Theme Parks?

I love the Disney theme parks, but there is one small thing has had me scratching my head for a long time. I’ve never really understood why there is such little presence of the second half of the 1990s Disney Renaissance films in the theme parks. If you aren’t aware of what the Disney Renaissance […]

Star Wars, Star What ?!?

The Star Wars movies are an incredible example of cinematic advancement. Or at least that’s what I hear. I have never actually watched an entire one. I think once I made it ten minutes in before falling asleep. That’s got to count for something. My husband is big fan of the films. He knows all […]